Museum exhibit /Portrait of Iu.Ia. Miurk. Photograph.
A portrait of Iurgan Ianovich Miurk (1913-?), a collective farmer from the Izhmorskii Region of Kemerovo oblast’, taken before his arrest in 1937. The photograph is kept in the Izhmorskii Region Local History Museum. 
Thematic index"Peaceful Life"
Thematic indexThe Camps
MaterialsPhotographic paper
Description of exhibitA half-length image of a man. He is wearing a dark, leather, double-breasted jacket (or a raincoat) and a light-coloured cloth cap. The photograph is out of focus.
State of preservationUndamaged.
Detailed annotationA photograph of Iurgan Ianovich Miurk (1913-?), with no indication of the year and place where it was taken. Probably taken before his arrest. Iu.A. Miurk was sentenced on 15.01.1938.
PersonsMiurk Iurgan Ianovich, person depicted
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Museum exhibit /Portrait of Iu.Ia. Miurk. Photograph.