Museum exhibit /Portrait of L.T. and E.Ia. Chernyi with their child. Photograph.
A Portrait of Leontii Trofimofich Cherniy (1890-?) with his wife (Elena Iakovlevna (nee Borodina) with their child, taken around 1910 in the municipal photo studio of the town of Mariinsk. The photograph is kept in the Izhmorskii Region Local History Museum. 
Thematic index"Peaceful Life"
Thematic indexThe Camps
Date and place of creationcirca 1910, Mariinsk. Tomsk Province
MaterialsPhotographic paper
Description of exhibitA black-and-white picture of a man, a woman and a child, glued onto a card mount. The woman is seated on a chair. She is wearing a light-coloured, full-length woollen dress that comes down to the floor, her fair hair is brushed back and styled into a plait that is wound round the top of her head.
She is holding a child (to the right as we view the photo); the child is sitting on a high chair and is wearing a light-coloured dress. A man is standing to the right of the woman and the child. He has dark hair, combed back to one side, and a moustache. He is in a dark-coloured shirt, belted with a broad, leather belt and is wearing dark-coloured trousers worn over his boots. His shirt has a stand-up collar, fastened on one side with three shiny buttons. They are photographed on a background of curtains with a flowered pattern. The photo is glued onto a mount made out of dark brown card. At he bottom of the mount, under the photograph, there is a design showing vegetation and the inscription “Taranushenko-Mariyinsk”.
State of preservationUndamaged.
Detailed annotationA family photo of Leontii Trofimovich Cherniy and his wife Elena Iakovlevna (nee Borodina) and their child taken around 1910 in the Taranushenko photographic studio in Mariinsk.
PersonsChernaia (nee Borodina) Elena Iakovlevna, person depicted
PersonsChernyi Leontii Trofimovich, person depicted
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Museum exhibit /Portrait of L.T. and E.Ia. Chernyi with their child. Photograph.