Museum exhibit /Portrait of Masao Matsuda, 1945. Photograph.
A portrait of Masao Matsuda (1915-after 1984), a former Japanese prisoner-of-war, taken in May 1945. The photograph was sent with a letter to S.S. Korobchenko, a doctor in the municipal hospital of Anzhero-Suzhdensk. In the letter, M.Matsuda expresses his gratitude to the Doctor for saving his life. In the period December 1945 to June, 1946, when Matsuda was in the Anzhero-Suzhdensk prisoner-of -war camp, Doctor Korobchenko successfully treated him for acute pneumonia. The photograph is kept in the Anzhero-Sudzhensk Municipal Local History Museum. 
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Date and place of creationMay 1945
MaterialsPhotographic paper
Description of exhibitA black-and-white half-length picture of a man in military uniform. The photo is out of focus. On the back of the photograph are handwritten inscriptions in blue and black ball-pen: in blue – “1945. Matsuda Masao”, and in black – “1945.5 (then Japanese handwriting). Age 30”.
State of preservationUndamaged.
Detailed annotationA photograph of Masao Matsuda (1915-after 1984), a soldier in the Japanese Army, taken in May, 1945, probably before his capture. The place where it was taken is not indicated. In August 1984 a copy of the photo was sent to S.S. Korobchenko, a doctor in the Anzhero-Sudzhensk Hospital. Doctor Korobchenko successfully treated Masao Matsuda for the acute pneumonia from which he suffered in December 1945, when he came to the Anzhersk prisoner-of-war camp. Another photograph, taken in 1984, was included with the letter. In the period 1944-1949 there were two sections of camp No.503 for foreign prisoners-of-war, run by the OPVI UNKVD-UMVD [the Section for Prisoner-of-War and Internees of the Administration of the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs – the Administration of the Ministry for Internal Affairs] on the territory of Anzhero-Sudzhensk. These sections were No.9 and No.11 (one is the northern part of the town, the other in the southern part of the Andreevskii-2 village). In December 1945 Japanese prisoners started to arrive and they were billeted in barracks in Prokopevskii Street. The prisoners-of-war worked mainly in the mines. One brigade was occupied in the repair of the railway from the “Fizkulturnik” mine to the station, the other brigade built barracks on Kol’chugin Street. The letter and the photographs of M.Matsuda were given to the Anzhero-Sudzhenskii Municipal Local History Museum.
PersonsKorobchenko S.S.
PersonsMatsuda Masao, pictured
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Museum exhibit /Portrait of Masao Matsuda, 1945. Photograph.