Museum exhibit /Portrait of N.S. Zhirov (alias Liudvig Khizov). Photograph.
Portrait of N.S.Zhirov (alias Liudvig Khizov), a German special settler and honorary miner in one of the mines in the town of Anzhero-Sudzhensk in the Kemerovo obast’, taken in 1950. The photograph is kept in the Anzhero-Sudzhensk Municipal Local History Museum. 
Thematic indexDeportation
Thematic indexInternal Exile and Special Settlements
Thematic indexLife in Captivity/
Thematic indexLife in Captivity/
Date and place of creation1950, Anzhero-Sudzhensk, Kemerovo oblast'
MaterialsPhotographic paper
Description of exhibitA black-and-white head-and-shoulders picture of a man with a moustache. He is wearing a checked shirt with a turn-down collar (the shirt has light-coloured buttons) and a dark-coloured jacket. There are a number of traces of re-touching in the photo (especially to the clothing).
State of preservationUndamaged.
Detailed annotationA photograph of N.S. Zhirov (Liudvig Khizov), a German Special Settler, was taken in 1950 in Anzhero-Sudzhensk, Kemerovo oblast’. The photo was probably taken for the Board of Honour (it is attributed “N.S. Zhirov – Honorary Miner”). The photo was exhibited in a temporary exhibition in the Museum commemorating the 50th anniversary of Victory in the Great Fatherland War, entitled “Oborotnaia storona pobedy” [“The Other Side of the Victory”]. At the end of the exhibition it was put on show in the exhibition “Spletenie sudeb” [“Fates Intertwined”] in the ethnography hall.
PersonsZhirov N.S. (alias Liudvig Khizov), person depicted
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Museum exhibit /Portrait of N.S. Zhirov (alias Liudvig Khizov). Photograph.