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The “Erika” typewriter in a wooden case belonged to Irina Aronovna Shikheeva (1925-2009), a former political prisoner. After her release in 1953 I.A. Shikheeva lived in Moscow, where in the 1970s and 1980s she was involved in circulating “samizdat” materials, including the “Chronicle of Current Events”, using this typewriter. In 2004 I.A. Shikheyev gave the typewriter to the Museum of the Research and Information Centre “Memorial” (St Petersburg). ( Photo 06.10.2004) 
Registration number in museum acquisition book KP-98
Date of acquisition2004
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Thematic indexResistance
Years and places of existence in subject-related function1970s and 1980s, Moscow
Size28cm x 13cm x 30cm; case 30cm x 14.5cm x 32cm
Description of exhibitA mechanical portable “Erika” typewriter in a wooden case, covered on the inside with red velvet. It is locked with a metallic lock and key and by catches (the key is lost). The case has a metal, curved handle. The keyboard is Russian and the keys are circular. The body of the machine is metallic and black and the metal handle for line-change is nickel-plated. The base of the typewriter is covered on both sides with red velvet. A small leather strap for fastening the case is fixed to the base.
State of preservationThe typewriter is undamaged and in good working order. The fabric in the case is soiled and shabby and has come unstuck in places.
Detailed annotationThe typewriter belonged to Inna Aronovna Shikheeva (1925-2009). In the 1970s and 1980s she used it in Moscow for typing out “samizdat” documents, including “The Chronicle of Current Events”. It was given to the Museum of the Research and Information Centre “Memorial” (St Petersburg) in 2004.
PersonsShikheeva (nee Gaister) Inna Aronovna, user, creator of the collection
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Museum exhibit /Typewriter “Erika”