Museum exhibit /Lighter made in Inta Camp.
A petrol cigarette-lighter, made in the first half of the 1940s by an unknown prisoner of the Inta Camp (Komi Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic). It belonged to Nikolai Aleksandrovich Glazov (1899-1989), a doctor in the Camp Hospital in Inta, during his imprisonment and exile. In 1995, N.A. Glazov’s daughter, Margarita Nikolaevna Glazova (born 1935) gave the lighter to the St Petersburg Research and Information Centre “Memorial” (Photo 23 December 2007). 
Registration number in museum acquisition book КП-141 [KP-141]
Date of acquisition27.02.1996
Types of exhibitsMuseum exhibits/Objects/
Thematic indexThe Camps
Thematic indexLife in Captivity/
Thematic indexLife in Captivity/
Date and place of creation1940s, Inta, Komi Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
Years and places of existence in subject-related function1940s – 1959, Inta, Komi Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
SizeOverall height – 6 cm; Height of the main body – 3.7 cm.; width – 4.3 cm;
Thickness – 1 cm.
Description of exhibitA self-made petrol cigarette-lighter made out of white metal in the form of a circle truncated on two sides. The lateral rim of the lighter is covered with inlay, done on a lathe. All screws and valves are made from brass.
State of preservationThere are scratches on the metal.
Detailed annotationA cigarette-lighter made by an unknown prisoner in the Inta Camp (Inta town, Komi Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic) in the 1940s as a present to doctor Nikolai Aleksandrovich Glazov. N.A. Glazov worked in the camp hospital in Inta, initially as a prisoner (1942-1944), and then as a civilian (1944-1957). According to his daughter Margareta Nikolaevna Glazova (born 1935), the lighter was given to her father in the 1940s (she does not know the name of the prisoner who gave the lighter to her father). N.A. Glazov used this lighter while he lived in Inta. After her father returned to Leningrad in 1959 the lighter was kept in the family as a souvenir of the Camp. M. N. Nikolaevna gave the heirloom to the St Petersburg Research and Information Centre “Memorial”.
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Museum exhibit /Lighter made in Inta Camp.