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Mosquito net. Late 1940s. It was made by the exile Morte Bulaite (born 1912) in the Taishet Region of Irkutsk Province. It is kept in the "Aušros" Museum in Šiaulių (Lithuanian Republic). It was given to the Museum by M. Bulaite in 1990. (Photo: December, 2010). 
Registration number in museum acquisition book 2427
Creator of collectionMorte Bulaite
Date of acquisition21.09.1990
SizeCloak: length – 71 cm, width -80 cm. Net: 20 x 27 cm.
MaterialsCotton fabric
Description of exhibitThe face part is made out of horse-hair. The cloak is made out of fine pink cotton fabric. It is sewn using material unpicked from other clothing (probably from a shirt) – the bottom part has a machined line. In front , using contour technique, a flower on a delicate stalk has been embroidered. The threads are in white silk.
State of preservationThere are many stains, patches and darns.
Detailed annotationA mosquito net with a net made out of horse-hair. Late 1940s. It was made by the exile Morte Bulaite (born 1912). In 1948 M. Bulaite was deported from the Šiaulių Region of Lithuania. As an exile she spent time in the Taishet Region of Irkutsk oblast' (1953 in Parenda Village, 1956 in Kvitok Settlement). She made the mosquito net in the first years of her exile. She returned to Lithuania in 1959. She gave a number of exhibits to the Museum in 1990.
PersonsBulaite Morte, maker
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Museum exhibit /Mosquito net