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An embroidered greetings card with a message. 1951. It belonged to Regina Majoraitė (born 1923), a female political prisoner, who was iimprisoned in SevVostLag (Magadan oblast') from 1948 to 1955. The text is embroidered in Lithuanian, and reads: “Happy Name Day”. It is kept in the Palanga Museum of Resistance and Exile (Lithuanian Republic) (Photo: December, 2010). 
Date and place of creation1951, Inta
Size12 х 9 см
Description of exhibitA piece of card, embroidered on both sides using silk thread (possibly lining-fabric). The edges of the panel are done in twisted dark-blue and light-blue cord. On the front, in the centre, the phrase “Sveikinu vardo dienoje” (“Happy Name Day”) is embroidered in white silk threads. A picture of a branch with leaves and a large white flower is embroidered underneath the text. The embroidery has been done using the satin stitch. The threads are silk and are coloured grey, green, yellow and white. On the back, on the left-hand side, a treble clef has been embroidered and in the bottom right-hand corner there is the text: “A Jnta (Jrta?) 1951.X.3(?).
Detailed annotationAn embroidered greetings card. 1951. It belonged to Regina Majoraitė (born 1923), a female political prisoner. On the front, the text reads: “Sveikinu vardo dienoje” (“Happy Name Day”). The place and date are embroidered on the back: “A Jnta (Jrta?) 1951.X.3 (?)”. According to data provided by the “Genocide Centre” (Vilnius), R. Majoraitė was sentenced to 10 years in a Corrective Labour Camp. In June, 1948, she was in the SevVostLag; then, in September, 1955, she was in exile in Magadan oblast'. She returned to Lithuania in 1956. According to information provided by the Museum, she mad the card in Inta – as evidenced also by the text on the back of the card. We have no information as to whether R. Majoraitė served a term in one of the Inta camps. All the other exhibits that were given to the Museum by her were made in Magadan. Perhaps R. Majoraitė did not make this card herself, but received it as a present from someone else.
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Museum exhibit /Greetings card