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A camp name tab belonging to Arvo Pesti (1956-2010). In the period 1984-1986 he was imprisoned in the Perm’ Political Camps (“Perm’-35”, “Perm’-37”). The name tab is kept in the Museum of the Occupation (Tallinn) to which A. Pesti donated it sometime after the year 2000. (Photo: November, 2010) 
Registration number in museum acquisition book 004995/000
Creator of collectionArvo Pesti
Date and place of creation1984-1986, “Perm’37” (according to other sources, “Perm’-35”)
Years and places of existence in subject-related function1984-1986, “Perm’37” (according to other sources, “Perm’-35”))
Size89 х 39 mm
MaterialsCotton fabric
Description of exhibitThere is an inscription in white paint on the black cotton fabric, which reads: “Pesti A M / I otr".
State of preservationUndamaged.
Detailed annotationArvo Pesti (1956-2010) was sentenced on the 16.12.1983 according to Article 68-1 of the Criminal Code of the Estonian SSR (the equivalent of Article 70-1 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR) to 5 years of corrective labour camp followed by 2 years in exile. He served his time in the Perm’ political camps, mainly in “Perm’35”. He was released on 28.11.1986 and returned to Tallin. Sometime after the year 2000 A. Pesti gave his camp name tab to the Museum of the Occupation.
PersonsPesti Arvo, owner
Web page?Yes
Museum exhibit /Name tab