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A linen pillow case to fit a small pillow. It belonged to the political prisoner Olaf Tammark who was in Dzhezdy Camp in 1947. At the beginning of 2000, O. Tammark gave the pillowcase to the Museum of the Occupation (Tallin). (Photo November 2010). 
Registration number in museum acquisition book 850
Creator of collectionOlaf Tammark
Date and place of creation1940s, Dzhezdy Corrective Labour Camp
Years and places of existence in subject-related function1940s, Dzhezdy Corrective Labour Camp
SizePillow-case: 500 x 350 mm; flap: height 95 mm; loops: 25 x 15 mm; linen-faced buttons: diameter 17 mm, leather button – 23 mm.
Description of exhibitA canvas bag (possibly a pillow case). It is made out of a piece of canvas, with the seams hand-sewn on the inside. The border of the flap is incomplete (an edge). The fastener on the flap: loops and stitches. The loops (3) are made of a grey ribbon. Of the two buttons faced with linen, one (in the middle) is made of black leather.
State of preservationThere are some yellow stains.
Detailed annotationA pillow case to fit a small pillow (in the Museum it is displayed as a small bag for storing things). It belonged to Olaf Tammark. In 1947, Olaf Tammark was in Dzhezdy Camp. In the period from 1942 to 1948 there were two prisoner-of-war camps there, the prisoners being involved in mining manganese. After prisoner-of-war camps were disbanded, Dzhezdy in July, 1948, became the location of Camp Section No.3 of the StepLag. Tammarak and some German prisoners-of-war were probably released from the Camp in 1948 and immediately emigrated from the USSR to the USA. He was thus able to hold onto much of the property he had in the camp. At the beginning of 2000, Tammark came to Estonia and gave these items to the Museum of the Occupation, which was in the process of being set up at the time.
PersonsTammark Olaf, owner
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Museum exhibit /Pillow case