Museum exhibit /Lists of Special Settlers.
Lists of Lithuanian Special Settlers according to their barracks. Khramtsovka Settlement, Cheremkhovskii region, Irkutsk oblast’. End of the 1940s – beginning of 1950s. Manuscript. Kept in the Museum of Exile and Resistance (Kaunas, Lithuanian Republic). 
Thematic indexDeportation
Thematic indexInternal Exile and Special Settlements
Thematic indexLife in Captivity/
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Description of exhibitManuscript, 40 pages.
Detailed annotationAt the beginning of summer, 1948, 11,644 Special Settlers arrived in Irkutsk Province from Panevėšys, Plungen, Pasval and Šiaulai administrative districts of Lithuania. The majority of them were peasants, and some of them had been detected as having links with the nationalist underground. A commandant and his assistant were allocated for every 350 families and an additional assistant for every 250 families. The duties of the Special Commandant’s office included the maintenance of order in the special settlement territory, checking on the presence of the special settlers, warning against escape and unauthorized absences from the settlement sites and criminal offences. All this was conducted via a system of public control – there were seniors in the hostels and housing units, and the secret police worked in the special settlements, establishing a network of informers recruited from the settlers themselves and from the local residents. The regional section of the MGB kept personal files on the exiles, as well as the special commander’s office’s weekly record books for families and individuals, registration lists of appearances of Settlers for registration, list of groups of assistants and of seniors in the barracks, hostels and housing units, personal and work files of informants, and various categories of records on suspicious persons and groups.
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Museum exhibit /Lists of Special Settlers.