Museum exhibit /Poker from the White Sea -Baltic Canal Camp (BelBaltLag).
Poker. A tool used by prisoners of the BelBaltLag (the White Sea-Baltic Canal Construction Camp), used for work on the building of the White Sea- Baltic Canal (1931-1933). It was found in 2004 at the bottom of the canal in the area between locks 10 and 11 during repair work. It is on permanent exhibition in the Segezha Municipal Museum Centre. (Photo 10.08.2009). 
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Thematic indexThe Camps
Thematic indexLife in Captivity/
Date and place of creation1930s, Medvezh’egorsk Region, Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
Years and places of existence in subject-related functionWhite Sea- Baltic Canal, Locks No.10 and 11 (Karelia Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, later Karelia Republic).
SizeLength of the bar – 88cm, Diameter of the bar – 2cm, dimensions of welded-on components – 22x8cm.
Description of exhibitThe poker is made from a metal bar, circular in section. At one end the bar is bent into a circle, forming a handle. To the other end is attached a strong metal plate for stirring up the coals. It is bent to an acute angle.
State of preservationRusted
Detailed annotationThe poker was raised from the bottom of the White Sea-Baltic Canal in the area between Locks 10 and 11 in 2004, during work on the temporary draining of part of the canal for repair-work and work on the reinforcing of it support-walls. It was probably used for levelling coal and gathering it into piles. It could also be used for other work (e.g in a forge where instruments were being fashioned) in the years when the Canal was being built (1931-1933). It was given to the Segezha Municipal Museum by workers involved with the repairs to the Canal (the names of the workers are not recorded). Since 2004 it has been on show in the permanent exhibition: “Dva lika Osudarevoi dorogi” [“Two faces of the Osudareva Road”] at the Segezha Municipal Museum Centre.
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Museum exhibit /Poker from the White Sea -Baltic Canal Camp (BelBaltLag).